Follow next steps to perform database backup.

1. Log into Millennium Xtra using Operator credentials with Privilege Level 1.

2. Go to System Administration -> Database Functions -> Database Backup Schedule. Click ‘Perform Backup Now’ to start backup procedure immediately.

3. Wait until backup procedure will be finished

System will prompt you with message:

4. By default system will put backup file in following folder:

C:\Program Files\MillenniumGroup\MilleniumXtra\WebSiteComponent\Backup - if you are using 32-bit operating system


C:\Program Files (x86)\MillenniumGroup\MilleniumXtra\WebSiteComponent\Backup – if you are using 64-bit operating system.

Name of the backup file is generated as follows:

C1 – constant, mm-dd-yyyy – the date when backup was made, xx – sequence number for case when you made more than one backup in a day.