1. Configure ODBC driver for SQL Server
  • If you are using 32-bit operating system then run ODBC Administrator from control panel: “Control panel” -> “Administrative tools” -> “Data source (ODBC)”.

    • If you are using 64-bit operating system then run ODBC Administrator from Windows installation folder.
      %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, where %SystemRoot% is the windows installation folder, generally it is “C:\Windows”.

    • On the ODBC Administrator window switch to the “System DNS” tab. You will see four data sources: “MillArchiveModel”, ‘MillCfg’, “MillHist”, “MillWin”. For each of them perform next operations:

    • Select data source and press “Configure” button.

    • On first screen in field “Server” enter full name of SQL Server instance. For example: “%ComputerName%\SQLExpress”. If you installed SQL Server from Millenium installation CD then just type the name of the computer.

    • Click “Next” on next screens until “Finish” button appears.

    • Click “Finish”. On new screen click “Test Data Source…”. If message “TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!” appears then data source configured correctly.

    • Click “OK”.

    • Repeat this procedure for all four data sources.