You should create separate Time Period for each door.

Create new time period. Select days of week (for example Monday - Friday). Specify time range. Click ‘Add/update’ button.

Click ‘New’ button to generate new line in Time Period

Check Holiday list you want to use. Enter time range. Click ‘Add/Update’ button.

Click ‘Save’ button to save Time Period.

Create new Time Period for another door by clicking ‘+New’ button

Add same days of week and time range as for previous Time Period. Select same Holiday List but enter different time range.

Save Time Period by clicking ‘Save’ button.

Now you can use different Time Periods for different doors.

In this case time range for Holiday List will have higher priority than time range for days of week.

For example, you have entered holiday 07/04/2014, this will be Friday. And you are using such Time Period for doors auto unlock.

Let’s take a look what will happen during week from 06/29/2014 to 07/05/2014.

In this case your doors will be auto unlocked at 08:00 am and closed at 05:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday first door will be auto unlocked at 09:00 am and closed at 04:00 pm and the second door will be auto unlocked at 10:00 am and closed at 05:00 pm.