Setting up Alarm

To setup Alarm go to System Configuration -> Alarm/Event Definition.


1.       Select device type for which you want to create Alarm. You can setup Alarm definition for all devices of selected type or for one particular device.

2.       Select Event Name. When system receives this event Alarm will be generated.


3.       Select Event Source if necessary. Alarm will be generated when particular Event will be received from particular source. You can select ‘Any’ as Event Source. In this case Alarm will be generated if event will be received from any source.

Click ‘Select Event Source’ button. Then select Event Source Type and Event Source. Click Ok.


4.       Select ‘Create an Alarm Definition’ option.


5.       If you need to postpone Alarm occurrence enter time for delay in ‘Alarm Trigger Delay’ field.


Note: If system receives event that resets Alarm during delay period Alarm will not be generated.


6.       If you want to have acknowledgement for Alarm then select ‘Alarm Acknowledgement Template’.


7.       Select Alarm Time Period from dropdown list. Alarm will trigger only during this Time Period.


8.       Check ‘Play Sound in Events/Alarm Monitor’ if you want to have audio Alarm notification.


9.       You can link Alarm to the Input or Output of the Controller. It means that when Alarm triggers system will send selected action to the selected input or output.


10.   Select Templates. These templates will be executed when Alarm triggers.


11.   Click Add/Update button when you enter all settings. Record with Alarm Definition will appear in list of Current Definitions. Click Save button to save changes to the database.


Setting up Alarm Acknowledgement

To setup Alarm Acknowledgement go to System Configuration -> Alarm Acknowl. Templates.


1.       Click ‘New’ button to add new template.

2.       Enter Template Name


3.       Set Priority.


4.       Select quantity of Acknowledgements for Alarm.


5.       Enter time for Acknowledgement response. Primary acknowledgement is a first acknowledgement. The rest of acknowledgements are auxiliary acknowledgements. In our case we set two acknowledgements. It means that one is the primary and one is an auxiliary acknowledgement.


6.       Select additional options for acknowledgement.

Active Alarm Clear - when checked, only active alarm for the current Alarm Acknowledgement Template is cleared.

Auto Alarm Clear – when checked, alarm(-s) for the current Alarm Acknowledgement Template are cleared automatically.

Acknowledgement Comment Required – when checked, Alarm Acknowledgement Comment(-s), which are set with the help of "Edit Acknowledge Comments" button, will be displayed on alarm.


7.       Add comments to Acknowledgement Template.

Click ‘Edit Acknowledgement Comments’ button.

In Comments Configuration window click ‘New’ button.


Enter comment name and click ‘Ok’.


Enter comment text and click ‘Save’


8.       Select Alarm Action Message. You can add or edit messages by clicking ‘Edit Alarm Action Message’.


9.       Save Acknowledgement Template by clicking ‘Save’ button.