To setup connection follow the next steps.

1.       Install ID Works

To install ID Works follow the installation wizard instructions. After installation you will need to reboot your computer.

2.       Create ODBC driver for Millenium Xtra database

For 32-bit operating systems: go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC).

For 64-bit operating systems: go to Windows installation folder (typically it is “c:\Windows”) -> SysWOW64 -> odbcad32.exe

In Data Source Administrator go to System DSN tab and add a new data source. Select “SQL Server” as driver for data source.

In field “Name” enter ‘MilleniumXtra’

In field “Server” enter connection string to SQL Server.


Press “Next” button.

On the next scree enter authentication parameters. Choose Windows NT authentication or SQL Server authentication depending on security settings at SQL Server.


Press “Next” button.

Check “Change the default database to:” option and select ‘iAccess2_1’ database from dropdown list.


Press “Next” button.

Click “Finish” button.  At new window press “Test Data Source…”.


Make sure that test completed successfully.


Click “OK” and click “OK” on previous window.

3.       Run ID Works Designer

Default login/password: admin/admin


4.       Open template project.

Click on “More projects…”


Select project “Sample badge”.


5.       Setup database connection

Go to “File” -> “Project Properties”


On the “Data Source” section click “Select” and switch to the “Connection” tab.


Choose “Use data source name” option and select data source that was created on step 2.

If you are using SQL Server authentication then enter user name and password. If you are using Windows NT authentication then leave user name and password blank.

From dropdown list select initial catalogue to use as ‘iAccess2_1’.


Press “Test Connection” button to make sure that connection configured correctly.


Press “OK” and “OK” on the “Data Link Properties” window.

On the project properties screen find section “Show Table Types” and uncheck option “Table” and check option “View”.


Click “OK” button to apply changes.

6.       Setup Photo properties

Double click on photo. On “Edit Field Properties [Photo]” screen switch to the “Storage” tab.

At the “Storage Option” section select “File – select path” option.

At the “Path:” field enter path to folder with employees photos.


Click “OK” to save changes.

7.       Setup fields connections

Go to View -> Field Connector

In “Data source” section select “CardView”


To connect fields select field in “Production Form” section and select appropriate field in “Data Sours” section. Then press left “Connect” button.

Refer to the table below to connect fields:

Data Source Field

Production Form Field


Date Valid










Save project as a new project.

8.       Run ID Works Production

Run ID Works production and open saved project.

9.       Create Cardholder

Enter data into fields Employee ID, First Name, Last Name and Date Valid. Click on Photo field and select image that will be used as cardholder’s photo.


Click “Save” button.

10.   Run Millenium Xtra and verify creation of Cardholder