To setup email notifications follow the next steps:

1.       Run Millennium

2.       Run Setup Millennium

3.       Login using Level 1 Operator logon


4.       Go to Options -> Email Setup…


5.       Enable Email Notification feature


6.       Fill up required fields with mail server credentials. These credentials can be provided by your local system administrator.


7.       Click Ok to save settings.

8.       Go to Millennium

9.       Open Alarm Editor and login


10.   Click First Site button


11.   Select desired Alarm, right click and select Properties


12.   Go to E-mail tab


13.   Fill up field with information:

Recipients – list of emails at which letter will be sent.

Message Title – Subject of email. Check ‘Use Alarm Name’ to put Alarm name in subject or you can type your own title.

Send e-mail – options when send email.

Additional message text – description of alarm.



14.   Click Apply or Ok to save changes.

15.   Next time when Alarm will be triggered email will be sent to specified email.