You can setup different kinds of remote lockdown in Millennium Enterprise/Expert. They are:

·         Lockdown using hotkeys

·         Lockdown through device groups

·         Lockdown mapping

Lockdown using hotkeys

To setup lockdown using hotkeys you will need to create device groups. Doors in these groups will be locked by clicking hotkey.

Note: You can program either an “unconditional lockdown” or “conditional lockdown” function for any or all doors in a facility. When programmed, an unconditional lockdown (no one can access) or a conditional lockdown (only Master users or users with an Always timezone for selected doors can gain access).

1.       Run Setup Millennium Enterprise

2.       Go to Lockdown -> Hotkey…


3.       Select device groups that will be locked by clicking hotkey and press “Ok”.


4.       Go back to Millennium Enterprise. To activate lockdown click one of hotkeys . Also you can select device group to which you want to send lockdown. Click on arrow on the right of Unconditional lockdown hotkey and select desired device group.

While lockdown enabled hotkey stay pressed. To remove lockdown click same button.


Lockdown through device groups

You can send lockdown command from device groups list to particular device group.

1.       Go to History -> Device groups…


Or click Device Groups shortcut .

2.       Select desired device group and click “Execute” button


3.       Select one of “Unconditional Lockdown” or “Conditional Lockdown”.

Lockdown mapping

Lockdown command can be associated with some event. For example let’s take a look at case when lockdown will be sent when particular user swipes card on particular door.

1.       Go to Setup -> Lockdown Mappings


2.       Click “Add” button.

3.       Select type of event that will be associated with lockdown (Event is User source) and select “User specific” option (Specific Site and Door). Click “Next”.


4.       Select user from dropdown list and click “Next”.

5.       Select Site and Door to which event belongs and click “Next”.


6.       Select event that will be associated with lockdown and click “Next”.


7.       Select groups to lock, desired action and click “Next”.


Note: you can also send “UnLockdown” command to selected groups. This command will discard conditional and unconditional lockdown.


8.       Enter name for the mapping and click “Next”.


9.       Review settings that you made and confirm them by clicking “Finish” button.