There are different ways to setup remote lockdown/unlock of door groups in the system. They are:

·         Operator command

·         Scheduled command download

·         Hot command

·         Threat level command


First of all you need to setup Door Groups. To do this follow steps below.

1.       Go to System Configuration -> Groups.

2.       Click “+New” button. Enter group name and select group type “Door”. Check option “Access Level Group” and click “Save” button.

3.       Now you need to add doors in the group. Use buttons between panels with available and assigned objects to add or remove doors. After adding doors in group click “Save” button.



Let’s take a closer look at each way of remote lockdown/unlock of door groups.

Operator command

To perform one of operator commands go to Event Monitoring -> Operator Control. Click on “Door Groups” in left panel. Select desired group from dropdown list “Selected Device”.

Now by clicking buttons “Normal”, “Lock”, “Unlock”, “Momentary” and “Forgive APB” you will send corresponding command to the group of doors.

Note: Remember that execution of these commands may take a time depending on used hardware.



Scheduled command download

To setup scheduled command download go to Event Monitoring -> Controller Download. Click on “Scheduled Command Download” in left panel.

Select “Door Groups” as device for download. Set command which will be sent to door group and select door group in “Points” list.

Now set up scheduler options as you desire. Use screenshot below as example.

When options are entered click “Add/Update” button to save changes in scheduler. New scheduler entry will appear in bottom table.



Hot command

You can set up sending lock/unlock on hot commands. Go to System Configuration -> Hot Commands Configuration. Click “+New” button to create new command. Enter command name. Select “Door Groups” from “Device type” dropdown list. Pick one of door groups in “Device” list and select appropriate command to send. Save entry by clicking “Save” button.

Now these commands are available from any place of system. Click Hot Commands () shortcut from toolbar in upper left part of screen to get list of available hot commands.

Now by clicking “Send” button you will send “Unlock” command to “Door Group 1”.

Threat level command

When system turns to one of threat levels it can send command to a door group. For example, when system turns to yellow threat level doors from particular group should be opened.

To set up such configuration go to System Administration -> Threat Levels. Select “Yellow” in left panel. Now you need to bind command. Check option “Send”, select command to send and select door group from dropdown list to which command will be sent. Save settings by clicking “Save” button.