Many Millennium Xtra users want to be able to lock down all of their doors, or groups of doors through a “hot command”. A “hot command” is a command that is can be triggered quickly in order for an action to occur immediately. Follow these steps to create a hot command specifically for doors; essentially we will first create a group for several doors and then assign that group of doors to a lockdown hot command.



1)    Scroll to “Event Monitoring” in the top right hand side of the screen.


2)     Then click on “Groups” to the left of the screen.


3)     At the bottom of the “Groups” screen, click new to create a new group.


4)     Create a group name such as the one pictured below, and select “Door” as the group type; Make sure Access Level Group is checked




5)     Then click “Save” to save the group configuration for later


6)     Now that the door group has been created, one must select the doors/objects that are to be grouped for the lockdown command. The “Available Objects” are the doors in the group to be selected; Select the doors that one requires to lockdown. All may be added at once or one may be picked out at a time.




7)     Click save to create the group


8)     Now scroll to the right of groups and select “Hot Commands Configuration”



9)     Xtra will ask the user if the changes should be downloaded, click yes




10)            Click New to create a new hot command



11)            Create a Hot Command Name, Select Door Groups, Select the “Device” which is actually the group of doors that one had created earlier in the “groups” section; And select Lock as the command.




12)            Click save to save the hot command



13)   Now if one were to scroll to the top left of the screen and see this




Click on the icon surrounded with the red box


14) One should now see the hot commands dialogue with the newly created hot command listed


15) Click send to send the Lockdown hot command to all of the doors selected in the device group.