Millennium Expert users may want to run a “history report” so that they may be able to track card holders more efficiently. This guide will also cover how to run any other type of report also; just by changing the selection from history to what is desired such as alarm incidents or a dossier.



1)     Look towards the top of the screen where the taskbar is located





2)     Click on “View” and then “Reports”


3)     The selection below will appear, in this case highlight History



4)     The next History selection screen will appear. Now the operator must choose the card holder from the Company ID section; choose the correct site; and all of the devices that would be included in the History report. The time / date range may be all inclusive or a specified date range may be entered towards the bottom right of the screen






5)     This is an example of what a history report run with one specific user selected would appear


6)     The history report will appear as such